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By guest, Mar 26 2012 03:45PM

A number of events are creeping into the calender as brides plan their big day. It isn't just the regular rounds of Wedding Fayres either which have been a must-go-to for most brides and in some cases couples.. It's a new phenomenon called Wedding Tasters. Usually organised under the umbrella of a vendor (say for example, caterer) these events bring together a selection of carefully selected affiliate service providers to deliver a taster of the dream wedding reception. Typically these events would require some sort of pre-registration and a small fee to cover the leveraged cost of the venue, food and drinks, giving the group of prospective clients an opportunity to experience the quality, creativity and presentation delivered by the vendors. These events usually kick-off with registration followed by canapes giving the group an opportunity to interact prior to being invited into the banqueting hall. The ambience is set to deliver a quality or wow factor as a range of lighting effects are deployed in the room complete with mood music to accentuate the experience. Vendors take turns to make an interactive presentation. The food is delivered hot or cold with options ranging from silver service to buffet style service. A few short games or similar ice-breaker activities are used to gain the level of interest in booking one or more services from the vendors on the day. These may be rewarded with discounted offers if a service is confirmed there and then or later. All in all these events provide an opportunity for couples to experience first-hand the quality, creativity and delivery prior to putting down a deposit.

For information about African Wedding Tasters please contact Nigel on (+44)7956306798.

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