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By Olufemi Ibiwoye, Mar 26 2012 04:28PM

What makes a great wedding first dance? The venue, ambience and dexterity of the dj all count… however many couples are engaging the services of a professional choreographer to leave their guests suitably entertained. Having dj’ed a number of weddings “the first dance” has moved up a few knotches as a highlight of the entertainment on the night. Traditionally first dances have been a spectacle to behold as many newly weds taking to the dance floor would either take the safety of a smooch-dance or engage in a fairly uninspired routine on the dance floor. Move over and fast forward into 2010 and you can almost bet your bottom dollar the couple will have you doing a cha-cha by the time the fat lady sings.. With the easy access to public portals like Youtube there are plenty ideas about for couple to decide how they step out on their big day and ensure their guest have “a night to remember”. For those who can afford it dance lessons or a personal choregrapher may be the way to add the “Wow-factor” to that session.

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